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Demisto Enterprise — Named 1 of the Top 5 “Must Have” Security Products

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Network World is regarded as the premier provider of insight, information and intelligence for CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and other executives tasked with designing, deploying and managing IT solutions. Therefore, it is with great pride that we would like to announce that Network World has named Demisto Enterprise as one of the top five "must-have" security tools.


Why Demisto Enterprise Won the Honor

When cybersecurity professionals are asked to name the critical capabilities that they need for incident response, the list is typically similar.

  • Automated playbooks that can assign automated workflows to respond to incidents immediately,
  • Easy methods to collaborate during investigations, simplify handoffs and expand insights,
  • Automatic detection of duplicate alerts to reduce unnecessary work,
  • Method for capturing artifacts as evidence,
  • The ability to correlate and track supporting evidence,
  • Automated threat hunting,
  • Integrated threat intelligence,
  • Bi-directional integrations that allow data to be collected automatically,
  • Audit trails that are complete and easily accessed,
  • Integration with advanced security analytics such as Splunk, and
  • Ability to share "tribal knowledge" among staff members.

Demisto Enterprise offers all of these capabilities as well as many additional functions.

  • Numerous built-in integrations that can be easily configured,
  • Ability to create custom integrations using JavaScript and Python,
  • Ability to edit the out-of-box playbooks or create new ones, and
  • A collaborative chat room that facilitates mentoring and delegation.

Actual users of Demisto Enterprise have provided rave reviews. For example, Ziv Maor, the CISO for Cellcom Israel, stated that Demisto Enterprise allows his team to do much more through better utilization of resources and security products. He mentioned automating many of the SOC's tasks and using well-defined playbooks using Demisto Enterprise.


What Can Demisto Do for You?

You are on the front line in the never-ending battle between your organization's security and those who want to compromise your system to create mayhem. With so much at stake, you need all the help you can get to deal with increased threats, talent gaps and tighter regulations. Here are some of the ways that Demisto Enterprise can assist you.

  • Threat intelligence aggregation saves time for your analysts by fetching and aggregating feeds from internal and external sources of threat intelligence.
  • Pluggable integration architecture provides easy connectivity to endpoint tools, firewalls, SIEM and other security products and forensics software.
  • The cross-platform dissolvable tool allows automating workflows for playbooks requiring integration with command-line tools or endpoint actions.
  • You can automatically generate reports for every incident from the evidential data.
  • You can issue data-enrichment commands from within a virtual war room.
  • You can add and share notes taken during investigations to enhance insights.

In short, Demisto Enterprise can help your staff members do more in less time. It can also combat alert fatigue, reduce response time and help you detect and block intrusions faster. Contact us to learn all of the ways that we can make your life easier.

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