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Doxware: The Latest in New Ransomware Threat


Cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. A few years ago, the crooks’ primary goal was to steal massive amounts of data that they could resell; credit card numbers, consumers' personal information and banking credentials were among the top targets. The next evolution involved ransomware attacks that involved encrypting the data on users' systems and holding it hostage until the victims paid the ransom demanded for the decryption key — which was not always delivered. Security experts responded by improving their backup systems so that ransom payments could be avoided by simply scrubbing the system and restoring the files.

The latest twist on ransomware is doxware.

Although doxware attacks are likely to increase, this type of extortionware has its shortcomings. Read the complete article to learn more about the shortcomings of the doxware and how prevention can protect companies against doxware attacks: http://www.networkworld.com/article/3174678/security/the-latest-ransomware-threat-doxware.html

If you are concerned about advanced malware attacks, consider building an incident response plan and automating security operations. Automation and collaboration can help reduce adhoc activities and streamline operations during crisis. In addition, using automation can help reduce the MTTR and reduce exposure time.

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