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Important Tips for Updating Your Breach Response Plan

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With so much attention given to increasingly prevalent data breaches by the media these days, you might think that every enterprise would have an effective breach response plan in place. However, according to recent studies by Experian, 19 percent of the respondents stated that they had no breach response plan, and of the 81 percent stating that they had a baseline plan, only 34 percent felt that they had an effective plan.

The responses were even more troubling when asked about updating their breach response plan. Approximately 37 percent reported that they had never updated or reviewed their plan since it was created. A mere 3 percent stated that they review their plan quarterly, and 14 percent reviewed it annually.

The "set it and forget it" approach may be great for a thermostat, but breach response plans should never be left on autopilot. Modern hackers are often highly educated with extensive experience and top-notch skills. Furthermore, many hackers work for their governments or corporations, giving them access to the latest technologies. Hackers have become increasingly adept at finding vulnerabilities that they can exploit, the Heartbleed vulnerability being just one example. Given that payouts are huge, they are extremely persistent at finding a way into secure networks. With the growing threat level, increasing regulations, evolving technologies and changing motives, it has become increasingly important to update breach response plans frequently. Otherwise, the plan could fail just when you need it the most.

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