Jay Leek Joins Demisto Board of Directors

I’m excited to join Demisto – the game changing player in the security team collaboration, incident response and automation space

JayLeek.jpgAs mentioned in Demisto’s press release today, I’m thrilled to be joining their Board of Directors

Demisto raised $20M in their latest round B of funding to expand operations, accelerate new product innovation, and meet the growing global demand for incident response management, automation, and collaboration. 

And that’s why I am so excited about Demisto:  they are experiencing unprecedented growth because every security analyst wants to live in their product.  Demisto makes it easy to manage attacks by providing insight to resolve complex threats in the least amount of time possible.   Coupled with the incident response market expecting to have an 18% CAGR by 2021, their solution is needed more than ever. 

I’ve been in the security space for many years, both as a former CISO and as board member for several security companies.  And I am thrilled and honored to be with a company that’s firing on all cylinders -the product, the employees, and the market demand – a combination that positions Demisto well to become a game-changing business.     

So join me as I buckle up – it’s going to be a fun and exciting ride!


Jay Leek

Managing Director, ClearSky Security

Demisto Board Member