Our baby is 2 releases old!

Having been a product manager for many years I have a few product releases under my belt, some are more memorable than others and I definitely don’t remember all of them. But 2.0 releases I never forget, because a 2.0 release is always special. When you start a new product this is where you want to be as early as possible since 2.0 is the first release you make after your product makes its first steps in the real world.

Demisto 1.0 made us real proud. We invented the product a little over a year ago and then we went through a rigorous process of interviewing IR experts from all over the globe. The process was led by the 4 founders of Demisto and soon thereafter we had Ido, our UX guru, pick up the process and do deep interviews of the future customers of Demisto. Demisto 1.0 was born but as an experienced team we knew that we don’t know anything until the first customer starts working using the product in a production environment. The reception that 1.0 had was awesome. We actually started selling the product when it was still in beta (so technically not even 1.0). But as we expected here were lots more things that customers wanted to do with the product.

Demisto 2.0 is where our product is already vetted by experts, where the major gaps they saw are gone, where we are happy to have IR teams download the product and start working and realizing value right away. With about 100 integrations into 3rd party products it is now much easier for our prospects to start working with the product right away.

There’s a lot that’s new in 2.0. There are awesome new features following a strategic decision we’ve made to be a lot more closely integrated with threat intelligence. You can read all about the new features in the product press release and customers can see more in the product release notes. But for me it is the stuff that it not written anywhere that will make this a memorable release. Having spent hundreds of hours  with customers (thanks team!) and meticulously collecting every piece of feedback it is hundreds of small UI changes, bug fixes and performance improvements that make this a solid release. It is sometimes many small details (like the way a table is sorted by default or how Dbot presents his findings in the war room) that can make a product a lot more enjoyable. We gave attention to both the big gaps and the small issues as I hope customers will notice.

Demisto 2.0 is 100% ready to help IR teams in SOCs all over the globe and streamline their work. We are anxious to receive feedback about it and as you can probably guess, while I write these lines are already working on the next release, which if we continue to receive excellent feedback (thanks customers!) will be an even better release.

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