Proactive Hunting: Hunt With a Plan, Structure and Automation

To improve the security posture and to detect advanced threats organizations needs to embrace proactive hunting on their networks, as part of their regular security activities.

This article is not[…]

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Streamline and Scale Your Enterprise SOC with Automation and Collaboration

The ever-persistent threat landscape poses risks to virtually any organization’s operations and bottom line. The question is not if your organization will be attacked, but when. There is clearly a[…]

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Incident Response — People, Process or Technology?

A confession before we start —

“This is a boring topic and I know it.”

Is there anything to debate here? Everybody knows that we need to have people, process and technology to work towards the same[…]

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Why Is Your Board of Directors Finally Asking About Cyber Risks?

Here is a great article about how the awareness of Cyber Risk is increasing at the board level. The biggest reason is the recent focus by SEC on enforcing the cyber security standards. This can help[…]

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