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  • Webinar:  Demisto + Guidance Software = Streamlining Incident Response

Webinar:  Demisto + Guidance Software = Streamlining Incident Response

See how this bi-directional production integration provides a comprehensive incident response solution

Webinar.jpgI’m excited to be kicking off our first partner webinar of the year on March 29 with Guidance Software.

We completed our bi-direction product integration and wanted to show our users the benefits of the joint solution.

If you are an EnCase Endpoint Security customer, you know it helps InfoSec teams detect sophisticated threats and enable them to respond with forensic-grade remediation. And when integrated with Demisto, security team can orchestrate incident response across the many security products used in the SOC which automates time consuming, manual labor. 

We started working on the integration with the Guidance team in January 2017 and were able to show the completed solution to joint customers at RSA. Valuable feedback was taken to further improve the integration which will be available soon.    

Attend this webinar to see how this powerful solution can:

  • Streamline critical IR processes in order to free up resources for other security tasks,
  • Find the right balance of automation for your security team, and
  • Implement the most optimized worklfows for alert management and response.


Webinar:  Streamlining Incident Response

Date:  Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time:  11 am Pacific

Register now:  http://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1392383/CF904FADC06C2571BD32641AF80AEAD5


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Rishi Bhargava